Too quick to take Wendy’s |

Too quick to take Wendy’s

Don Rogers

“An opportunity” is not sufficient reason for government to take over private land.Eminent domain, the legal term for condemning private property for public purpose, should be based on need, not whim.The land where Wendy’s current sits might make a dandy site for a fire station. But it’s not as if there isn’t plenty of space next to Wendy’s that the town already owns for the station – which is approaching 30 years overdue, by the way.Vail Town Council members Farrow Hitt and Kent Logan are quite right to oppose their colleagues on this one.The town had a deal to buy the Wendy’s plot, but a dispute between landowner and tenant has held up the exchange. The purchase contract has been voided. It’s unfortunate, but these things happen sometimes.The town, in a sudden eagerness to build a fire station at only this site, is moving forward with condemnation.But this is a want, not a need. Eminent domain should be taken much more seriously than that.Vail’s government leaders ought to take a step back, and maybe a deep breath, before proceeding. As with dining, fast work is seldom the best.Vail Daily, Vail Colorado CO

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