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Top 10 albums

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Eagle Valley Music in West Vail

1. “Systems,” by Seal

2. “La Cucaracha,” by Ween

3. “Raising Sand,” by Robert Plant and Allison Krauss

4. “Mothership,” by Led Zeppelin

5. “Crossroads Guitar Festival,” by Eric Clapton/Various

6. “American Gangster,” by Jay-Z

7. “D-Sides,” by Gorillaz

8. ” Taking Chances,” by Celine Dion

9. “As I Am,” by Alicia Keys

10. “Year Zero,” by Nine Inch Nails

Mojo Music in Avon

1. “Mothership,” by Led Zeppelin

2. “As I Am,” by Alicia Keys

3. “Sawdust,” by The Killers

4. “La Cucaracha,” by Ween

5. “Now 26,” by Now 26

6. “Rock ‘n’ Roll Jesus,” by Kid Rock

7. “Taking Chances,” by Celine Dion

8. “Take Cover,” by Queensryche

9. “Chrome Dreams II,” by Neil Young

10. “Systems,” by Seal

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