Top 5 songs by Robby Wicks Band, performing at ShowDown Town free concert series |

Top 5 songs by Robby Wicks Band, performing at ShowDown Town free concert series

Jaimee Rindy
Special to the Daily
The Robby Wicks Band brings its folk-rock music to the ShowDown Town free concert series on Thursday, July 19.
Special to the Daily

EAGLE — Back in 2010, Robby Wicks took on a year-long songwriting challenge to write 365 songs in 365 days. Of course, he said, they weren’t all good, but he loved the writing process — and that interest was shared by Taylor Biskup, who became the lead guitar for the Robby Wicks Band.

Wicks and Biskup wrote more than 50 songs together in those early years, and their project eventually grew into a full six-piece band. The Robby Wicks Band constantly experiments with sound, resulting in a collection of unique yet masterful tracks with something for everyone to love.

The Robby Wicks Band performs Thursday, July 19, as part of the ShowDown Town free concert series at Eagle Town Park.

Here’s a look at five of the band’s best songs.

1. ‘Rosedale’

This emotionally-rich and lyrically-evocative song faintly echoes “Mr. Jones” by Counting Crows, but with a distinctly folk twist. A haunting harmonica riff in the middle of the song keeps true to their country roots, while the guitar modernizes the track. Beautiful instrumentals combined with Wicks’ storytelling prowess make this an endlessly entertaining song.

This song is also a favorite of Wicks.

“I wrote the song from the perspective of somebody else, which is a writing style I don’t do as much, I stepped out of my comfort zone,” he said. “But I really like the sound we have on it, it sticks out to me.”

2. ‘Vices in Disguise’

Kicking off with a brilliant piano riff, this song is attention-grabbing, and Wicks runs with it. The seriousness of Wicks’ poetic words are juxtaposed with an upbeat rhythm, which creates a song that is lively enough for casual listening, but is also immensely rewarding for those who tune into the lyrics.

“I’m a very lyrically-oriented person,” Wicks said. “I’m very much a believer in letting the song write itself. The song exists already and I’m sort of pulling it from the sky. My songs are metaphorical, so each person can take their own meaning from them.”

3. ‘Amazed and Astounded’

Showing off their true rock form, the Robby Wicks Band delivers on this Eagles-like track. The prominent bass guitar and drums will have you nodding your head along to Wicks’ melodic musings.

4. ‘Devil in Your Head’

This song is part rasta relaxation and part pure rock. It’s genre-blending and takes the listener through an extended metaphor about choices and temptation.

“(When people come to our show) first and foremost I hope they’re entertained,” Wicks said, “but I also hope that they embrace the art of our music. I really love writing lyrics and influencing emotions through lyrics, whatever those emotions may be.”

5. ‘Outside In’

This track is a bit slower, a smooth Santana-sounding song with influences from Spanish guitar. The muted instrumentals make Wicks’ lyrics stand out even more, and in this song, he sings about the many meanings of terms such as “truth,” “freedom” and “love.”

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