Top costumes for Eagle County residents |

Top costumes for Eagle County residents

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado Halloween costumes always take a cue from pop culture. Heres a sampling of the most coveted getups at area costume shops:The Joker: Adults are dressing up as the villain in the latest Batman flick. They love the character in the movie, said Cindy Catanese, owner of Disguises, a costume shop in Lakewood. Hes dark and nasty and Halloween is all about being as mean as you can be. The Joker getup is the most popular adult costume at Disguises and The Wizards Chest, another costume shop in Denver.Indiana Jones: Plenty of budding archeologists will be digging into their candy baskets this year. The popularity of the 2008 movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull has inspired children to imitate its hero. The Indiana Jones getup at Disguises includes a fedora.Vampires: Biting into a candy bar is more fun with fangs. Marian Salazar, owner of Party Central in Avon, stocked up on vampire digs. She expects children to imitate the undead for an upcoming Eagle County Charter Acadamy event that features a Transylvania theme. Vampires have been hot this year, with Stephenie Meyers novel Breaking Dawn seducing throngs of teens.Pirates: That hook knocking on the door means business. Pirate getups are popular with adults who visit Party Central, Salazar said. With eye patches and hooks, adults are ready for swashbuckling a la Pirates of the Caribbean: The Worlds End.High School Musical: Most adults have scary memories from high school. But theres nothing creepy about the prom dresses girls are buying at Disguises to pose as Gabriella from the Disney movie High School Musical 3: Senior Year.Ironman: Is that little Billy under that exoskeleton? Children are strapping on Ironman costumes and masks from The Wizards Chest, general manager Cliff Jackson said. It has kind of a robot thing goin on, he said.High Life Writer Sarah Mausolf can be reached at 970-748-2938 or

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