Top Spanish winery to visit Avon |

Top Spanish winery to visit Avon

Special to the DailySpanish winemaker Juan Muga of Rioja's Bodegas Muga will be pouring six wines from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at vin48 in Avon Wednesday as part of the restaurant and wine bar's January tasting series.

AVON, Colorado – Spanish winemaker Juan Muga of Rioja’s Bodegas Muga will pour 6 of his familys Spanish wines in vin48’s loft.

“We are really looking forward to having Juan Muga at vin48,” said Greg Eynon, wine director and owner of vin48. “Our guests will be treated to some of the finest Rioja’s in Spain including the most delicious Rose in Rioja.”

Issac Muga and his wife, Aurora Cano, brought together two families of traditional wine makers in 1932, and created personalized internationally renowned wines, growing just as rapidly as the demand. The vineyard is still family owned and operated. Located on the slopes of the Obarenes Mountains, terraces form small series of vine plots. The soil is clay, but each plot retains significant differences causing great varieties in wine styles. Muga is known to be very traditional in their winemaking practices. All aging is done in new oak vats and their aging techniques are part of what makes Muga so unique. With these aging techniques each wine gives off a taste, smell, and appearance of a wine in a higher level, for example Crianzas taste like Reservas, and Reservas like Gran Reservas. The Muga artisan-style of wine making, especially involving the aging processes, show the great attention to detail expressed by this winemaker. Muga even has its own cooperage, buying French and American oak, and crafting the wine barrels themselves. Muga also claims a long-term bottling process, which they call Prado Enea.

Bodegas Muga vineyards are located on the foot of the Montes Obarenses, within the area called Rioja Alta. The site climate is exceptional due to, on the one hand, the singular geography and orientation of the vines and on the other hand, the surrounding climates – Mediterranian, Atlantic and Continental climates are combined harmoniously thus creating a suitable climatic site for growing grape.

The soil in this area is mostly clay and limestone, divided in small terroirs with different physical and chemical qualities between them; thus each terroir has a unique and defined personality. This abundance of climatic influences and different soils define prolonged stages in the vine growth cycle. The growth will be complex and delicate, key to the potential quality of the wines in this area

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Bodegas Muga owns 620 acres of vineyards but it also has control over 370 acres owned by vine growers in the area. The grape varieties grown are Tempranillo (the essence), Garnacha (Grenache), Mazuelo (Carignan) and Graciano for the red wines; and Viura and Malvasia are used for the white wines.

Charles Hays, vin48’s chef and owner, will pair the wines with appetizers in the restaurant’s loft above the wine bar.

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