Tossed furniture leads to felony |

Tossed furniture leads to felony

Steve Lynn
Vail, CO Colorado

EDWARDS ” A 37-year-old woman who tossed her roommate’s furniture off a balcony and damaged the home’s interior was arrested on suspicion of a committing a felony, according to an Eagle County Sheriff’s Office report.

The deputy entered the home and found glass shards on the floor from a broken bottle. The drunk woman threw several of her 46-year-old roommate’s chairs from a deck onto the street because she was tired of living with the man and wanted him to move out.

The woman caused an estimated $1,041 in damage.

The roommate’s father made one of the destroyed chairs from teak in the 1960s and it could not be replaced, he said. Several holes and dings in the walls and a door also were found.

The woman was arrested on suspicion of felony criminal mischief.

AVON ” A man told police he knowingly bought a stolen bicycle, valued at $5,500, from another man for $100, said Sara Cross, spokeswoman for the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office.

Earlier, the bicycle’s owner reported that he left his $5,500 Ventana El Ciclon mountain bike outside his home while he fed his dog. He opened his front door and found a different bike lying on his driveway and his El Ciclon gone.

The man posted fliers promising a $500 reward for his El Ciclon’s return.

Someone saw the bike on an Avon condominium’s balcony and called the bicycle owner with the information. The bicycle owner reported his bike’s location to police, who questioned a 22-year-old man about the incident.

The 22-year-old man bought the bike from another man, he said, and brought police to the seller’s home . When no one answered the door, police arrested the 22-year-old on suspicion of felony theft by receiving.

AVON – A man was jailed after giving police a false name and the wrong birth date as he told police his true age, according to an Eagle County Sheriff’s Office report.

The 21-year-old man was circling a roundabout in his Honda Prelude with illegally tinted windows when a Sheriff’s deputy stopped him.

The man said his name was “Ishmael” and gave the deputy his date of birth. He did not have identification and did not remember the number of the trailer where he lived, he told the deputy.

The deputy asked the man’s age and the man replied that he was 21. However, the man would have been 22, according to the date of birth he told the deputy earlier.

The man did not want to go to jail, he said, and he told the deputy he would sell his car and stop driving.

The man was arrested on suspicion of false reporting to authorities, violation of a bail bond, driving without a valid license, obstructed windows (for dark tint) and operating an uninsured motor vehicle.

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