Toubab Krewe brings dance-worthy jams to Avon |

Toubab Krewe brings dance-worthy jams to Avon

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VAIL CO, Colorado
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If you come, they will build it. West African-inspired band Toubab Krewe has remained passionate about the place, culture and music that brought them together. And for the past year and a half, they’ve been raising money to help build a music school for kids in Bamako. They’ll perform at Agave in Avon Wednesday night. A surcharge from every ticket sold goes toward the music school.

“We’re really excited to break ground on the school as soon as we can,” said percussionist Luke Quaranto.

Having bonded through their shared love for West African music, Quaranto said the way they feel about it is hard to put it into words, but he does a pretty good job of it.

“All of us were grabbed by it and really felt passionate about the music and really just started to play because it inspired us,” he said. “It’s a pretty amazing music culture that really has such a strong traditional background. It has a very long history and depth of traditional music, but at the same time, it’s not static in any way. There’s so much contemporary music happening and artists that continue to create and grow from that tradition but also express themselves in new ways.”

Toubab Krewe also continues to express themselves in new ways, having evolved their sound since the band’s inception in 2005 to include styles of music they grew up with, from rock to Western North Carolina mountain music. They’ll continue to develop their sound with a new album this year that they’re recording in collaboration with guest artists in Mali.

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