Tough-love dad turns in daughter |

Tough-love dad turns in daughter

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EAGLE COUNTY – On Feb. 28, sheriff’s deputies were called by an Eagle-area man who said his 17-year-old daughter had not returned home on time and asked for help finding her. The girl’s mother told deputies she had last seen her daughter at 10:30 p.m. at a fast-food restaurant in Eagle. The mom called another girl, who had been with her daughter. The teens said they had gone to a movie and were on their way home.When the girl arrived at her father’s home, he called the deputies because he thought she smelled like alcohol. He asked the deputies to give her a ticket for underage drinking. After being questioned, the girl allegedly admitted she had not gone to the movies, but to a home in Gypsum where she drank a number of beers. The deputies complied with her father’s wishes and the young lady was cited on suspicion of underage drinking. Freedom of the finger?GYPSUM – Eagle County Sheriff’s deputies were called to a Gypsum business where the owner said another man “flipped him the bird.”The owner knew the man and had previously taken out a restraining order against him, the deputy’s report said.The accused man denied making the gesture, the report said, and senior officers with the Sheriff’s Office decided the act, regardless of whether it took place, was likely free speech. Seller bewareEAGLE COUNTY – An Edwards woman allegedly tried to buy a car recently with a stolen check.According to the Eagle County Sheriff’s report, an Edwards woman who’d advertised her 2001 red Audi for sale met with another woman to show her the car. The women met at a home in Edwards.The buyer agreed to pay $16,400 for the car and wrote out a check with a man’s name on it. She said the man was her husband and that he was out of town, the sheriff’s deputy’s report said. The two women agreed to meet at an Avon bank on Feb. 27 to get a cashier’s check. When the buyer didn’t show up, the seller became suspicious. She attempted to cash the original check and was told there were insufficient funds to cover the amount, the report said. The man whose name was on the check told investigators he was not married and there were no females living in his home. But he man’s roommate told them a female friend had been living at the house, the report said. The owner said he was missing his checkbook and seven checks were unaccounted for, the report said.Deputies reported the car missing and the buyer was stopped in Frisco, where she was arrested and charged on suspicion of first-degree motor vehicle theft, the report said. Vail, Colorado

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