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Tough news

Kathy Muller

On Friday, April 23, my 6-month-old Malamute puppy was hit by a car on I-70. Unfortunately, I was out of town and had to hear the news on the phone.

Since then, all the what ifs, should haves and whys have been a constant flow of thought patterns in my head.

The reality of it is that we live and work with a major highway just steps from our front doors and dogs will do dog things. There is no blame to be placed, no fingers to point.

All we can do is provide the best for our furry families and hope they stay close to home. This letter goes out to all who stopped on I-70 to help my boyfriend deal with the situation and quickly get our baby to the vet. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it.

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I would also like to thank Dr. Chris Roth and everyone at Eagle Vail Animal Hospital for doing all they could to save him. Your care and concern were greatly needed and appreciated.

I would also like to send a word of advice to all dog lovers in the valley. Please, please don’t let your best friend come to an untimely fate such as this. Especially if you let your dog runs loose and thinks they’ll be OK without you. Anything can distract their attention and lead them astray.

It is one of the worst experiences we have had to go through and I hope that reading this letter will help people see that animals need our guidance, care and supervision, just like kids. You wouldn’t let your kids play in traffic, would you?

Last, I would like to send a prayer to my little Piggly. You were loved well and now you can eat as many biscuits as you want. Love and butt scratches, your mom, dad, Shanti and Shady.

Kathy Muller


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