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Tour eco-friendly homes in Eagle

AE Healthy Homes 1 DT 6-12-07

Not only did Eric Wardell build the Schlossers a 2,200 square foot home, he created a guide book to the house: A 100 or so page binder filled with glossy brochures and pages of information printed from web sites on the Internet.Every step, every material, is documented, from why we used this heating system to why we used this paint, said Wardell, the contractor on the Schlosser residence. Rather than focusing on the dollar signs, Wardell questioned each material from a green standpoint. That doesnt mean everything cost more, either, Wardell said. Some things even cost less, like the beetle kill timber from Dillon that was used to frame the home. The owners moved into their home over a month ago and this Saturday, it is one of seven homes featured in the Healthy Home & Expo Tour in Eagle.

The Healthy Homes Tour is not just simple environmentalism, said Matt Scherr, director of the Eagle Valley Alliance for Sustainability, and one of the organizers of the event.Its about human sustainabliity and a brighter future, he said. If were truly going to have a bright future we have to understand our interdependence on the environment.And, dont expect to see the difference between the Healthy Homes on tour and say, your house. A lot of whats different is buried beneath the floor and inside the walls. Scherrs favorite home on the tour this year is Adam Palmers. From top to bottom the house is eco-friendly as it should be, Scherr said, considering Palmer developed the ECObuild code for Eagle County. The siding on Adam Palmers home was surplus on a custom home built in Arrowhead, which Palmer bought from the Recon yard, where the Alliance recycles construction materials. The walls, floor and ceiling have blown-in super insulation. The tubs and sinks came from Habitat for Humanity and the solar photovoltaic panels on the roof generate more than enough electricity for the home: On any moderately sunny day you can witness the electric meter spinning backwards as the Palmers feed electricty back to the Holy Cross grid, the guide for this years tour reads.

This is the second year of the Healthy Homes Tour. Finding the homes for the tour was a bit like pulling teeth at first, Scherr joked but after sending out a valley-wide call to the community for healthy homes, suggestions and applications started coming in.We wanted things that demonstrated the concepts in green building energy efficiency, renewable energy generation, indoor air quality, and material selection, Scherr said. If anyone has any ideas for next year start sending them now, Scherr said, chuckling.Six of the seven featured homes were built in the past year, said Fraidy Aber, head of the Vail Symposium.The 7th is a 1911 home retrofitted for better energy efficiency, she said.Brush Creek Elementary School Tour and Expo central on Saturday is the 8th stop on the tour. It underwent an energy audit this year and with the changes being made to increase efficiency, school officials hope to save between $300,000 and $800,000 a year in operating costs. Caramie Schnell can be reached at 748-2984 or

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