Town Council candidate Adrienne Perer seeks to bring business perspective to Avon |

Town Council candidate Adrienne Perer seeks to bring business perspective to Avon

Adrienne Perer
Special to the Daily

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Adrienne Perer is a local business owner and mother of two who is running for Avon Town Council. Her motivation to do so comes from her personal experiences throughout her more than 20 years in Avon.

“As a longtime community member, I have observed the growth and development of the town and its impact on residents, in both positive and negative ways,” Perer wrote in a campaign statement to the Vail Daily. “I feel that my ability to objectively weigh both sides and all angles on controversial issues would be an asset to the new Town Council.”

Perer sees several important issues facing the town of Avon now and in the near future.

“As a local small-business owner, I would be the champion and representative for the small businesses in Avon,” she wrote. “Many of the owners are not Avon residents and, therefore, have no representation on issues which can affect the prosperity and success of a business. I aim to ease the financial burden to residents and business owners while supporting the expansion of the town in a mutually beneficial environment.”

Smoother-running system

Perer feels the town of Avon needs a smoother-running system of government.

“We need to be more open to creative solutions for the building and coding processes, enabling residents new opportunities without strife and conflict,” she said. “Additionally, our community is on the cusp of a creative renaissance, with wonderful events and public facilities. However, the scales need to be balanced so these events do not negatively impact the community but, rather, nurture a stronger local economy.”

Perer said water quality in the future is of paramount importance to Avon.

“Water is the core of health for all human, flora and fauna,” she wrote. “I want to make sure our water is the purest and healthiest possible.”

Perer said a final motivation for her running for council is the ability the position would provide her to hear from the community.

“It is important to me to engage in the lost art of communication and speaking,” she wrote. “As an elected person, I will be available and open to discussions with community members regarding changes to their town.

“At the core of my thinking, motivation and decisions is the necessity to provide a secure and healthy future for my children, your children and all future generations. I do not have all the answers, but I will do my best to learn all I can and to research all angles, maintaining a fair and honest council, operating with integrity.”

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