Town Hall on laugh track |

Town Hall on laugh track

Don Rogers

We add this tidbit because Jeff Schroll asked that it be officially noted that this week the Gypsum Town Council Chambers were stuffed to the gills with happy, smiling people. Yes, that’s news. The occasion was the high school track team banquet and celebration of Eagle Valley’s first-ever state track championship.Schroll coaches the team, as he has for the past nine or so years, along with reffing football games, participating in church programs and, oh yeah, serving as Gypsum’s town manager. When the Town Council’s chambers are packed to the gills for the governmental get-togethers, it’s generally a sign of constituents cranky about one thing or another. When everyone’s happy, they are home watching sitcoms or reality shows rather than taking in the thoroughly ponderous slice of real life provided by a council in “action.”So the hubub created by lively teens and their proud parents would be a nice break indeed from the norm – mostly empty chairs or the makings of a long, long evening.

Trips on the trail Call this one a draw: Both candidates who would represent Eagle County in the state House of Representatives have committed minor campaign finance reporting errors. Break out the ruler, and let’s see those hands.A volunteer for Heather Lemon neglected to file paperwork closing her campaign committee in 2002, when she lost narrowly to state Rep. Carl Miller.And Gary Lindstrom had a communications glitch that led to him missing a filing deadline.The part we liked was the state spokesman noting that violators usually found out in the paper.D.R.

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