Town of Gypsum is willing to allow long-term RV residence |

Town of Gypsum is willing to allow long-term RV residence

GYPSUM — With a couple of proposals poised to begin the town’s review process, Gypsum officials are rethinking regulations regarding RV parks.

Specifically, they signaled a willingness to dump provisions than limit the time people can stay parked in an RV facility.

This week, the Gypsum Town Council ruled that the River Dance RV Park meets the town’s criteria and its owners can proceed with the petition to annex the property into Gypsum. Additionally, George Roberts, the owner of the Red Table Ventures property located south of the Gypsum Costco store, has submitted a proposed for a project called Siena Lake, which would include a “high end RV park,” as well as an age 55-plus housing development.

But while Gypsum could soon have a pair of RV parks located within its boundaries, the town’s land-use code doesn’t contemplate this type of development. This week, town planner Lana Gallegos presented a new ordinance that would amend the town’s mobile home park standards to include RV units.

“People need some place to live. Some people might need a different avenue than others.”Marisa SatoGypsum Town Council member

How long?

The initial version of the new rules called for a 30-day limitation for RV residence in the town. But members of the Gypsum Town Council noted that the lack of affordable housing valleywide has led some people to view RVs as a long-term housing solution.

“People need some place to live,” council member Marisa Sato said. “Some people might need a different avenue than others.”

Council member Pam Schultz said she didn’t see a big difference between mobile home residences and RVs.

“Maybe that is an option for some people to choose,” she said.

The issue is not as much the type of unit — a mobile home versus an RV — offered council member Dick Mayne.

“I think it will be up to the management of the park,” he said.

Where’s the demand?

But according to River Dance developer Ron Liston, the issue of long-term rental of RV spaces likely won’t be a large concern.

“The demand out there is for shorter term RV rental,” he said.

River Dance attorney David McConaugy also serves as town attorney in New Castle. He said in that community, the long-term lease issue is addressed with a special review process.

After discussion, town council members agreed to eliminate the time limit for RVs but voted to continue enforcement for people who are staying in tents. In those instances, 30 days is the maximum.

And with the ruling finding River Dance’s annexation petition complete, members will consider a plan for the RV park that features a total of 226 spaces at the 70-acre site.

Liston said that it makes sense to annex the property into the town because people who stay there already view the site as a part of Gypsum.

“The town of Gypsum is the River Dance town. That’s where people go for shopping and services and recreational opportunities,” Liston said.

The Gypsum Planning Commission will consider the annexation, the project sketch plan and zoning at its next meeting, slated for Wednesday, Oct. 4.

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