Town of Minturn joins Xcel Energy’s Partners in Energy conservation program |

Town of Minturn joins Xcel Energy’s Partners in Energy conservation program

MINTURN — The town of Minturn recently joined with Xcel Energy’s Partners in Energy in the development and adoption of an Energy Action Plan for the residents and businesses in town.

The plan establishes several initiatives for residents and businesses to engage in energy savings actions and pursue renewable energy alternatives to meet Minturn’s energy-related goals of:

• Reducing building-related greenhouse gas emissions 5 percent per year, and 80 percent by 2050.

• Achieving a 5 percent energy reduction from Minturn’s 2016 energy baseline by June 2019.

• Engaging 5 percent of Minturn households and businesses in a renewable energy program.

“This energy action plan is the first of its kind for Minturn,” Minturn Town Council member John Widerman said. “(It) enables the town to be a leader in the Vail Valley advancing energy efficiency, economic vitality, and a renewable energy future.”

Residents can help achieve Minturn’s goals by participating in outreach and networking events as well as energy efficiency or renewable energy programs, informational sessions, and rebates.

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