Town of Vail employees will be honored at 50th birthday party |

Town of Vail employees will be honored at 50th birthday party

VAIL — Nearly 90 town of Vail staff, both past and present, will be honored as part of Vail’s 50th birthday celebration on Tuesday, Aug. 23, at Donovan Pavilion.

These employees each served over 20 years with the town and will be honored for their dedication and commitment to the town in dealing with everything from mudslides to floods and from snowstorms to drought.

As a tribute, an honor roll has been created to recognize the employees and their names are included on a new wall display that will be unveiled at the birthday celebration and will hang in the hallway of the Vail Municipal Building.

During the birthday celebration, Town Manage Stan Zemler along with former managers Blake Lynch, Terry Minger and Bob McLaurin will announce the names of the 89 honored employees. Nearly half of those honored are current employees, including Charlie Turnbull, streets superintendent with 39 years of service, and Jacque Lovato, accounting manager in the finance department with 38 year of service.

Vail’s 50th birthday celebration takes place from 4 to 6 p.m., with the tribute beginning at 5:15 p.m. The event will feature free activities including a family carnival, children’s mural painting area, equipment and gear from Vail Fire and Emergency Services, photo booths, music, giveaways, souvenir pins as well as refreshments including cupcakes and ice cream.

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