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Randy Wyrick and You

Chelsea Linman would like to thank Brian Nolan of the Blue Moose and their superhuman staff for the Pizza Party Fundraiser. Chelsea’s goal was stratospheric, and she ended up hitting a low earth space orbit by the time the money counting was done. Thank you to all who ate, drank and were merry. Young Miss Chelsea is a student at the Eagle County Charter Academy, and has been chosen to be part of the People to People Student Ambassador Program. She’s headed to England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Last year she went to Australia. This is what happens to good kids who get great grades. Forget hockey camp. Hit the books.

Downhill Debbie called to remind the universe that the Eagle Valley Ski Team is doing a fundraiser Saturday morning at the Eagle ball parks. They’re selling donuts and coffee in the morning hours, then hot dogs and other lunch stuff, They’ll be there from about 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Buy stuff.

Birthday Boy

If you see Steve Shelman around the area on his special day, see that he has some fun. We’re not entirely sure where he’ll be, but Singltree is a good place to start.

Rebel Cause Without a Clue

The latest chapter in the ongoing “Darth Vader Chronicles: Mostly New Explosions” is in a theater near you. In “Darth Vader: The Teen Years,” we learn that Darth had to walk uphill to Jedi School, both ways, through the snow while the batteries in his light sabre run low.

In this episode, Darth hits puberty, falls in love, buys a motorcycle and morphs into a cross between Rebel Without a Cause (James Dean) and Rebel Without a Clue (Bart Simpson).

It’s also bound to spawn another cottage industry in which we think of new and creative ways to skewer Jar Jar Binks.

Yoda is what happens to Arnold Schwarzenegger when you throw him in the drier for a couple hundred years.

Also in entertainment, Dharma and Gregg and Ali MacBeal are both going off the air. We hear they’re pretty good, although no one we know has ever seen them, which pretty much explains why they’re being cancelled.

Wilde West

Stephanie and Saige Wilde of Eagle are packing up their bags and relocating

to Portland, Oregon. Their many friends will host a sending-off party on Sunday, May 19, at the Eagle Town Park, starting at 3 p.m. This is a pot luck event, rain or shine (do your sun dance early and often). Non alcoholic drinks will be provided; although guests are welcome to bring the drink of their preference, along with a dish to share. There will be some contests, including a story-telling competition for the best Fern (Stephanie) story; and a pool on guessing how many long-distance phone minutes Stephanie will rack up during her first month in Oregon. For further information, call 328-6608.

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