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Happy 12th birthday, Samantha! You make us proud every day! Love, Mom, Dad and Griffin.

Here’s to Canada, eh

The Titans of Town Talk Towers want to take a moment to recognize Canada, our neighbor to the north, on its big day. Today is Canada Day, or Canada’s Independence Day, so take a moment, eh, to celebrate Canada’s contribution to American society.

Go ahead and pour a little extra maple syrup on your pancakes for breakfast or cook up a side of Canadian pemeal bacon.

You could even celebrate Canada for its contribution to the sport of hockey, being that the valley could be the new home for a minor-league hockey team. Or stop and think about the Canadians who entertain us ” the Celine Dions, Alanis Morissettes, Jim Careys, Pamela Andersons and John Candys.

As we gear up for our own Independence Day celebrations this July Fourth, be it by overindulging in hamburgers, hot dogs or fireworks, remember that independence is what we’re celebrating. It’s the same independence we hope to see in other parts of the world, and it should be a celebration for the people of any country that has achieved it. Independence is an identity, a source of pride and hopefully, as with the case of the United States and Canada, an example of freedom and democracy.

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Hum the anthem, say “eh,” drink a Molson, and be glad that Canada is a good neighbor.

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