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Libby Motika visited the valley this past week taking in the Beaver Creek Rodeo, Bravo! and hiked Piney Lake. Libby is the Senior editor at the Palisadian-Post in Pacific Palisades, California. She is perusing another "error-free" issue of your daily newspaper!

Hello and welcome to Town Talk, where the anticipation for the Fourth of July holiday weekend continues to build.

As does the stress.

Holidays are always a mixed bag for the Titans ” and, we guess, for every member of the white-collar workforce. Sure, we get Friday off. But that just means we need to squeeze five days of work into four.

Perhaps it’s fitting. After all, the only thing more patriotic and more American than hot dogs and apple pie is the pre-holiday meltdown that comes before celebrating the Fourth of July.

It starts on Monday, when you realize that not only will you need to work 10-hour days to get everything done this week, you also have a massive pile of laundry to do so you will have clothes to pack for the family reunion you have to go to every Fourth of July holiday … because if you don’t, your extended family will take advantage of your absence and talk about you behind your back.

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Then comes Tuesday, when you remember in a panic that the vehicle you will be taking to the reunion needs an oil change, new wiper fluid, new tires, a manicure and a haircut before you leave.

When Wednesday comes along, it occurs to you that you are responsible for planning dinner for the 60 or so relatives who will be at the reunion Saturday night.

You wonder if there is a pizzeria in Gunnison that will deliver to the reunion’s remote location, a mountain hamlet named Pitkin, located up a dirt road about a half-hour away.

You are supposed to leave Thursday after work, but because you left work the day before promptly at 5, you still have about 12 hours worth of work to do before you can take off for the weekend.

This is when you light your desk on fire and crawl into a corner to cry.

You manage to get everything done by about 9:30 p.m. and then hit the road.

Then Friday comes along. Happy Fourth of July weekend. Be careful with those fireworks.

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