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If you see Kristine out tonight, wish her a happy 28th birthday! Love, Becca and Meghan

Flying trout the new fireworks?Drought? Global warming? Fire danger? All these shifts in Mother Natures demeanor have put a bit of a crimp in the High Countrys fireworks plans over the past few years. This year, only Minturn canceled its display but if the climate keeps changing, every pyromaniac from Avon to Ashtabula may have to celebrate Uncle Sams birthday with less flammable explosions. We at the Town Talk Towers July Fourth Research & Overheated Patriotism Facility have come up with few ideas that will not only dazzle the kids but also remind us all of why we love the mountains. Trout cannon: When fired into the air from a cannon specially designed to suck fish right out of the Eagle River, the trouts scales will reflect the moon, creating an organic, if stinky, laser light show. Pros: Expensive fireworks dont have to be shipped in by greenhouse-gas spewing trucks. Con: Cleanup is a little gross. Wildlife Trampoline: A strategically placed Trampoline, say, at the edge of the woods, would launch elk, marmots and bears dozens of feet into the air. What the animals lack in illumination would be more than made up for in utter absurdity. Pros: Fun way to cull overgrown elk herds. Con: Misfires i.e., bears sailing into the terrified crowd could be problematic. Second-Home Fights: In the vein of those robot-war TV shows, the valleys toughest second homes could be modified to do demolition-derby-style battle inside the Vilar Center or at the Ford Amphitheater. Pros: Second-home owners might finally get some credit for doing something for the community. Con: Cant think of one.

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