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To a woman who always does everything with style — happy 19th birthday! Love, Mom, Dad, Taylor and Mason.

The ol July 5 hangoverGood morning and welcome to Town Talk Towers, where the smell of gunpowder and barbecue is still wafting through the air after a prolonged and patriotic national squawk that made us all feel all kinda red, white and blue.Of course, just because this is July 5 doesnt mean the Fourth festivities are over. With the Fourth on a Friday, we have a bona fide Fourth of July Weekend, which means you can keep flying the flag, drinking beer, chowing down on charred meat and singing the National Anthem at the top of your lungs until the wee hours of the morning. Not that wed recommend such a thing because most of us dont know all the lyrics anyway. Usually they go like this:O say can you seeBy the dawns early lightWhat so proudly inhaled ?(cast glance at person next to you to see if they know the words)And the twilight hmmm hmmm hmmm(hum rest of song)But we jest, of course. We know most people know the words – theyre just self-conscious about all those high notes. When all else fails, default to the Pledge of Allegiance, which requires no special skills.So, we couldnt help but be somewhat amused by a story the other day about a guy with a restaurant down Denver way somewhere who had people hoist the lobster they were going to have for dinner out of the tank with a toy crane. Inventive, one might say; cruel, others might opine. In the latter category was People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, which said Incarcerating lobsters in filthy tanks inside a boisterous club, making an abusive game out of their capture, and finally boiling them to death is every bit as reprehensible as tormenting cats, dogs, or any other animal.That makes it sound pretty bad. But have you ever really looked a lobster in the eye and, as Bush did with Putin, seen its soul? Theyre like bugs, and is PETS saying we shouldnt swat flies? Is using a toy crane to haul them out of the tank any worse than, say, shooting a cow between the eyes with a pneumatic punch like that guy in No Country For Old Men? How about shooting chickens out of cannons or putting frogs in slingshots (a national pastime for boys nationwide)?Actually, were not sure anyone shoots chickens out of cannons, but we wouldnt put it past someone somewhere with enough Early Times whiskey involved.We seem to have lost track here and were out of space. So well say enjoy your July 5 with all the verve, lan and joie de vivre you can muster. And leave them chickens alone!We out.

CASA of the Continental Divide would like to thank all the participants who made the First Annual CASA Golf Tournament and silent auction at Red Sky Ranch in Wolcott on May 29, 2008, a huge success. In addition to Red Sky Ranch, the golfers and volunteers, CASA is grateful to the following: Hole Sponsors Apex Security/Aspen Alarm, Capital Investment Counsel Inc., Christopher & Kendall Real Estate, Colorado Capital Bank, East West Partners, Lainie Edinburg/Western Slope Mediation Center, Laura Riser/Scott Mokler, Maximum Comfort Pool & Spas, Merrill Lynch(Noel Wickwar), Phyllis Prodan & Daniel Nivens, R. A. Nelson, Solara National Bank, Sonnenalp Real Estate and Wells Fargo BankSilent Auction Donors Action Coach, Alpine River Outfitters, Arvada Center, Bills Sports Shop, Inc., Cathy Cheroutes, The Club at Cordillera, Computer Trouble Shooters, Edwards Chiropractic & Acupuncture, Elk Mountain Trading Company, Food Hedz, Go Dodge, James & Kathleen Park, Jointworx, Keystone Resort Golf, Kustomixt Kreations, Lucky & Billy Hiers, Mountain Stream Massage Therapy, National Velvet Dry Cleaners, Reptile Polarized Sunglassses , Raven Golf Club at Three Peaks, Ray Zazu Hobson, Room at the River B & B, Sonnenalp, Town of Breckenridge, Tuscato, Vail Powder Guides, Vail Snowsports School, Vail Valley Paragliding, Victoria & Julius Lisi, Vilar Center for the Arts, and Waste Management.Goody Bag Donors Rob Nardick, Noel Wickwar, Climax Jerky LLCCourt Appointed Special Advocates(CASA) of the Continental Divide advocate for abused and/or neglected children in Eagle, Summit, Lake and Clear Creek Counties. New volunteers are always being sought. Anyone interested should call the CASA office at 513-9390 about the next training class.

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