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Doughnut danger

Good morning and welcome to Town Talk Towers, the world’s only daily column with its metaphorical finger on the conceptual pulse of the dangers of doughnuts.

“Doughnuts?” you ask.

“Yes, doughnuts,” we reply.

And with that scintillating exchange out of the way, here are a couple of doughnut-danger-related items from both the local and national scenes.

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Locally, county officials are peeved that every time they grade the west parking lot of the Eagle County Fairgrounds, some (presumably) young members of the Eagle County Society for Torque and Recoil sneak in at night and use their vehicles to burn doughnuts in the smooth, freshly graded road base.

It’s become the grading equivalent of “lather-rinse-repeat” ” when do you stop?

The downside of this is that these grading jobs cost the county ” which means us, the put-upon taxpayers of Our Fair Valley ” somewhere between $8,000 and $10,000.

That’s not good, and it could be dangerous if the guys from the county ever get their hands on those responsible.

Our other nugget of doughnut danger today is something we found on Al Dente, one of’s many blogs (the exact link is if you’re interested).

The photo, which we’re still not sure whether to be impressed with or repulsed by, shows an entire rack of bacon cheeseburgers (good) that use glazed doughnuts for buns (which is where the confusion comes).

Just looking at the photo makes you eligible for an angioplasty.

The women in the office unanimously went, “Eewww!”

The guys, being guys, held a more conflicted opinion, mainly, “It’s a bacon cheeseburer and a doughnut. How could that be bad? And can I get one stuffed with Cheetos?”

But make no mistake, this is dangerous stuff, and it’s all because of the simple, innocent-looking doughnut.


It’s a birthday party! Steve Corr, patron saint of open mics and host of the hottest open mic in the area, just had a birthday, and we’re going to celebrate with some killer live music today at the Sandbar. And it’s not just Steve’s birthday party. Mason the percussionist and guitar slinger Mikey Gallagher from the W.V.Regulars are also turning over another year. And so is Sandbartender Tony! So come help us pay tribute to the Corr Man, listen to Mason, laugh at Mikey’s new wrinkles, and have a drink with Tony. And come check out some awesome, funky live music with the Steve Corps, the Regulars, Dr. Awkward featuring Kevin Heinz, Ted Wells, Dan Keel and the rest of our open-mic and Sandbar friends.

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