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A few weeks ago, a Friend of Town Talk Towers ” we’ll call him “Jim” ” was off on a weekend camping/hiking trip and had what can be most charitably described as a brain cramp.

While hiking was always in the plan, Jim neglected to bring appropriate footwear. In fact, he wore only a pair of nice flip-flops. Not wanting to stay behind, but not wanting to flip, flop and squirm his way along the trail, Jim rummaged around in the car for something, anything, to better secure his feet to the trail.

There, in the back end of the Outback, was the dull silver glisten of that most American of fixes ” a roll of duct tape.

Paying no head to the hair-tearing aftermath, Jim grabbed the roll and went to work. Soon, he’d created something that looked like a pair of name-brand trail sandals. The hike, and the day, went on as planned.

This, friends, is why, even in these strange, strained days, we’re optimistic about the future of America. It’s this kind of ingenuity and willingness to make do with what’s on hand that’s made us the envy of the world.

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Too often we just call a guy, take something to the shop, or, usually buy a new something-or-other when our stuff goes on the fritz or isn’t right for a particular job.

True Americans grab the duct tape, or the Vise Grips, or even zip ties and get to work.

It’s this spirit that will lead us into the future, if only we’ll heed its siren, sticky call.

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