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Man, is this place fragile ” nearly record snow this winter, and all of the sudden, we’ve got a summertime fire ban.

It’s not just the flora and fauna that can be energized and enervated by the planet’s meteorological whims ” it’s our local economy. Consider the unease our resort community felt when winter started a little late. Then, when the snow started falling by the megaton, there was joy on the slopes but a bit of concern about the dozens of times Vail Pass was closed by blizzards.

And bringing all that euphoria to a halt was an early Easter, which shut ski season down a little earlier than most Vail Village merchants would have preferred.

All the snow, of course, promised a deep water supply, the potential for flooding and high water on our rivers and creeks and a potential windfall for local rafting companies. But it was a bit of an embarrassment of riches ” the raging rivers were at times too dangerous and media coverage of all the people that fell in the water put a bit of a dent in the boating season.

And now, Mother Nature is holding back the rain ” which makes for beautiful Rocky Mountain days but puts local fire departments on edge as the vegetation dries out.

Will Mother Nature ever give us the exact right amount of snow and just the right temperatures, keep the slopes fresh all season and fill up the reservoirs but not overwhelm the rivers and make the rapid rollick (so they’re manageable for beginners and experts) while growing sufficient berries for the bears; at the same time, we’d like enough rain that we can safely build campfires all summer long but not too much rain, or too much heat, because we don’t want to be stuck inside when we should be out hiking and golfing and gardening?

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