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See caption of other photo. Please run both.

All right, valley home-brewers, here’s your chance to grab some genuine Gypsum-grown hops.

Hops, for those who don’t know, are one of the key flavoring agents of beer. In fact, it’s one of four ingredients allowed by the German Beer Purity Law (the oldest food purity law in the world), which allows only water, hops, grain and yeast in beer.

Hops is a flowering plant, a THC-free first cousin to marijuana, and it’s a dandy climbing vine. That last part is how Vail Daily Business Editor Scott Miller ” who’s also our intrepid beer reviewer ” ended up with his hops, to cover up the sheep panels that make up the dog run outside his Gypsum townhome.

This year, the Millers decided to try to create some shade in the dog run for their faithful pooch, Flanders, by running fishing line between the dog run fence and the railing of the back deck. They then wrapped some hops shoots around the string and waited for the fun to start.

Well, the hops started climbing like Sir Edmund Hilary on Mount Everest. The vines have twined and climbed and have started making green, sticky hops buds that are starting to acquire more hoppy aroma every day. The vine that’s twisted around the metal pole holding the hummingbird feeder is especially cool-looking.

It would be a shame to let this aromatic bounty go to waste, so whenever the buds are really ready, the Millers are willing to donate this year’s crop to a local home-brewer.

There are only two catches:

First, these have grown alongside a dog run. If that bothers you, don’t call.

Second, Scott’s going to want a few bottles of whatever you brew up with the hops.

Interested? Call 970-748-2930 or e-mail

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