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Pass the mayo

Nothing screams “summertime” like a big, heaping bowl of mayonnaise. Some of us at Town Talk disagree on the subject of mayonnaise, but there are just too many mayonnaise pros and not enough cons for the mayo-haters to win.

Mayonnaise is such a versatile ingredient. It can moisten up salads and sandwiches, serve as a base for dipping sauces or casseroles and even replace ketchup as the most delicious thing to dip your french fries into. (If you haven’t tried this, you really should.)

Those who hate mayo hate it with a passion. Sticking up for it could create a yelling match between civilized adults. They call it flavorless lard, classless spread, disgusting goo. They eat dry sandwiches and claim they taste good. They glare at mayo-eaters in disgust, judging their every bite with disapproving eyes. Some day they will see the light and love it.

How can one’s disgust for a food turn into admiration for it, you ask? Just take a look at these key items that just simply could not exist in such a state of scrumptiousness without mayonnaise.

1. The turkey club: There is simply no way one could eat a turkey club without mayo and claim it’s as delicious as one with mayo. There’s no comparison.

2. Potato salad: Apart from bacon, which makes everything taste better, mayonnaise is the most important ingredient in a good potato salad.

3. French fries: Ditch the ketchup. You simply haven’t enjoyed a plate of french fries as thoroughly as you could with a bowl of mayonnaise by your side.

For those of you who don’t cringe at the sight of mayonnaise, send in your favorite recipes using this wonderful condiment! We’ll publish them online for all of the valley’s mayo lovers to enjoy! Send your recipes to, or call 970-748-2983.

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