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Many thanks to the Basalt Lady Longhorns who worked hard up at

CTO! (Check this out!)Hello and welcome to Town Talk, where we are in search of new ways to abbreviate organizations, everyday phrases and bureaucratic processes to the point where no one knows what anyone else is talking about anymore. While idly surfing the Web recently, we came across a directory of acronymns or DOA, if you will at Fascinated, we opted to enter some of the more well-known acronyms in the Vail area and see what alternative definitions the Web site could come up with. Now, most Vail residents know VR to stand for the ski company that owns both of Eagle Countys ski resorts. But VR also can stand for very respectfully, which is handy to know when you want to write a polite, professional letter but cant be bothered to write out the actual words. EIS is often used in the local planning world to replace the even more cumbersome and similarly hard-to-decipher phrase, environmental impact study. But according to the acronymn dictionary, it also can stand for the utterly poetic-sounding phrase, eyes in the sky. You might get an e-mail or a text message with the phrase OMG. But dont necessarily assume it stands for Oh, my God, because it could also stand for outlaw motorcycle gang, overly managed garden or, our favorite, Ow, my groin!

I lost my pink Sanyo digital camera July 12 in Vail Village. I have irreplaceable photos on the memory card and would greatly appreciate a phone call if anyone found it. Please call 970-331-4066. A reward is being offered for its return.

Peace Corps volunteers of the past, present and future, as well as all others who are interested, are invited to a three-day Peace Corps & Friends Celebration in Fort Collins Aug. 22-24. Highlights include honors for the Colorado State University professor who helped create the agency, a keynote address by Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope, the Symphony for 1000 Drums (public participation encouraged), a juried photography show of Peace Corps volunteers’ photos and a Concert for Peace featuring Cadillac Sky and the Kingston Trio. Some events require tickets, but many are free. To learn more, log on to or call 970-419-8240.

Moses, aka God of Code Enforcers: Thank you for saving me from the storm on Monday afternoon! You went above and beyond your call of duty to help me! But, please remember, the Red Sox rule and the Rockies … dont. We all love ya a Vail homeowner.

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