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Home of the Baby Lamb Fling

Those of you who like to vote in our online polls on were busy this past week. Knowing full well that it would get the button-pushers stirred up like a mob of crazed hornets, we asked people to vote who their pick was for county commissioner: Jon Stavney or Debbie Buckley.

By the time we ended the voting (a process determined by a complex algorithm known only by two aged wise men who live in a cave on the side of Mount of the Holy Cross and who only speak in ancient Aramaic), Stavney had over 13,000 votes and Buckley almost 9,500.

This may not be an accurate representation of what to expect come November. More to the point, it was an exercise to see who among local Democrats and Republicans could build some kind of computer tool to vote hundreds of times at a shot. Hell, we run this poll and we have no idea how to do that! What is up with you people? Whatever happened to the democratic concept of one person, one vote? What is this, Zimbabwe?!

We never learn, though. Now, we have Peter Runyon and Dick Gustafson up there, so go nuts.

Speaking of Dick, he called the other day to point out that the story about him in the Daily kinda looked like it was Peter that was pictured under Dick’s photo. What it actually was was a suggestion that if people wanted to read about Dick’s rival, they could go online to read about Peter. But the layout of the page got a little jacked, so we apologize to Dick for suggesting he looks (or sounds) anything like Peter Runyon. (Not that there’s anything bad about sounding like Peter Runyon, but if you’re an Eagle County Republican, you probably would rather be confused with people like Ronald Reagan or Teddy Roosevelt.)

Moving swiftly on …

Last week, we spent some time at the Vail Farmers’ Market, and we’re here to tell you that if you haven’t checked that out, you’ve got to get down there. What a scene! It takes place from 10 a.m. until sometime in the afternoon, or until the rain starts. Also, don’t forget to take in the last day of the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo in Eagle. They’ve got lemur roping, calf dangling and the famous, non-PETA-approved “Baby Lamb Fling” in addition to (for realz) the Pretty Baby Contest, a carnival, live entertainment and all kind of livestock-buying opportunities.

How much for that goat in the window?

We out.

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