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Former valley resident and Vail Valley Foundation employee Scott Raecker with the brown trout he pulled out of Piney Lake with his children. Raecker attributes his success to the lessons from the legendary fly-fishing expert John Garnsey.

For the Olympians in all of us

Hello and welcome to Town Talk, where our childhood dreams of becoming Olympians are still alive … even though we are horribly out of shape and approaching middle age.

While struggling through a pathetic two-mile run this morning, our mind wandered to a headline we had recently read on the Web: “Mother, 41, makes U.S. swim team.”

In July, Dara Torres made news when she qualified to join the U.S. Olympic swim team for the fifth time. The 41-year-old is officially the oldest American swimmer to ever make an Olympic team. This is all the more impressive because Torres is the mother of a 2-year-old girl.

A former swimmer ourselves ” our bookcase is decorated with purple “participation” ribbons from the Northwest Kansas Swim League ” we also appreciate Torres’ achievement because it helps fuel our false hope that we still could, someday, despite the odds, despite the post-partum belly, despite the fact that we couldn’t even do four strokes of the butterfly these days without stopping from exhaustion, become an Olympic swimmer, too.

We encourage those of you who had Olympic dreams, too ” and who among us hasn’t? ” to go ahead and keep your gold-medal hopes alive, too. Haven’t ran a 100-meter dash since the eighth grade? So what?

Who cares if the greatest skill you ever mastered in gymnastics was the backwards somersault? You’ve got to start somewhere.

The last time we launched off the high dive was when we were about 9 years old. And our beautiful swan dive ended as a very loud, very painful and very humiliating belly flop. But, we’d venture a guess that U.S. Olympic dive team member Laura Wilkinson has done a belly flop or two in her lifetime.

Let us know what your Olympic dreams are by sending an e-mail to We can’t promise to make them come true, but we do promise to share them in Town Talk.

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