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Happy birthday, JTHP. We hope you like your gift. Love Mom, Dad and Gregg.

Share the ride

Hey, Eagle County! Carpool Goddess and Town Talk Towers here calling upon you to hook up for carpools!

We’ve all felt the sting from high gas prices, and it doesn’t look as if it will get any better anytime soon. Many of us live downvalley and work up in Edwards, Avon or Vail, or vice versa. That commute really adds up at the gas pump, so we’re proposing to connect with one another and carpool.

Sure, some days you may have some errands to run around town and you’re not willing to part with your car those days. But what about the days where you arrive at work and your car just sits in the parking lot all day? Wouldn’t it be nice to know that at least two people shared a ride in that car and wasted less money and less gas?

An online blog, at, will serve as the meeting place for all of the valley residents who wouldn’t mind sharing a ride with others every now and then. It’s economical, environmentally friendly and a great way to meet your neighbors.

In the comment section of the blog titled “Let’s Carpool Eagle County,” begin by typing in the route you take and when you take it. Once you see a comment from a user with a similar route and time as yours, send them a message and start carpooling.

Questions? Suggestions? E-mail the Carpool Goddess at

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