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Do you know why Sherri McArthur is smilng? It isn't because today is her birthday — but it is! She had a great time at the annual Lovin' Livin' Luau, and you can, too! This year's event takes place on Saturday, Aug. 23 at the Eagle-Vail Pavilion. There will be dinner, dancing and a silent auction. The Marilyn Klein Memorial Breast Cancer Support Fund raises money to benefit current breast cancer patients at the Shaw Center. Donations for the silent auction are greatly appreciated and tax-deductible. Call Sherri at 970-471-4513 to donate, get more info or wish her a happy birthday! Aloha! The Vail Daily regrets her birthday wishes not appearing in Wednesday's paper.

That winter feeling

Here it is, mid-August, and you can already feel winter coming on. It was downright chilly on the top of Vail Mountain in the cold rain Sunday morning for the 10K at 10,000 race put on by the Vail Recreation District. There are rumors of aspen trees becoming tinged yellow, and there was even a report of snow forecast for the High Country east of here over the next few days.

The Blizzard Sale last week is the kickoff of the Start Thinking About Winter season. It came up on us like a suprise blow to the back of the head. We were walking through Lionshead on our way to the Trombone Shorty concert, and there it was, tons of skis for sale!

While we wanted to buy some Volkl Mantras, we demurred. For we know there will be other ski sales, too.

But then we got on the Internet and started looking at all the new ski decals for next year.

We started thinking about where we can get a deal; who can hook us up.

We were thinking about the Ski Swap; the first snowfall of the year (probably around Halloween); snowguns blasting.

We longingly looked at Ouzo Glade as we passed it in last weekend’s trail-running race.

But then we remembered what we remember every year around this time: There are about four months ” yes, four whole months ” till ski season starts. Enjoy summer while it lasts, even if there is a hint of winter in the air.

Last week at the circus in Avon, I lost my black Canon 750 digital camera. It has my baby’s first photos on it, and I didn’t get them downloaded. These are her first photos and are very important to us! Even if I only got the memory card back, I would be very grateful. A reward will be offered. Please call Amy at 970-390-6652. Thank you!

It’s that time of year again! Yep, hockey season is starting, and it’s time to sign up to be an on-ice official or referee. Get paid to skate! Please enter the link below to register for the Vail Seminar ” whether you are a returning official or a new official, please sign up via the CIHRA Web site:

This year’s seminar will be at Dobson arena on Sept. 6 for new officials, level 1s and 2s. The seminar is an all-day event, so please plan accordingly. Skates and full referee gear are required for returning officials. New officials, please bring warm-up gear, skates and a helmet.

TV 8’s Tricia Swenson is going behind bars for good! I am getting ready to serve my time in MDA jail, and I really need your help to get bailed out. Please go to

2008eaglecountyco/triciaswenson to help bail me out.

It only takes a second to help me send two kids to MDA Summer Camp in Empire. You will not only be helping me raise my bail, but you will also be helping more than 1,500 families in Colorado who are served by the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Here are some ways that your donation will help local MDA families:

$85 – Sponsors one minute of groundbreaking research.

$100 – Funds a support group session for MDA families.

$200 – Covers the cost of an initial diagnostic clinic visit.

$500 – Supports the maintenance and repair of a client wheelchair or leg braces.

$800 – Sends one child to summer camp for a week.

I will be in jail today at the Outback Steakhouse in Avon, and I need to raise my $1,600 bail . Click below to see more about MDA summer camp: Thanks again for your help.

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