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The 2008-09 Vail Youth Ballet Company would appreciate your support at their car wash on Saturday at the Edwards Fire Station. They will be washing cars from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., raising money to support their upcoming trip to New York, where they have the opportunity to take dance classes with some of the world's best dancers and instructors. Please stop by and support this talented group of kids.

Synchronized sillinessSynchronized diving?!?Some Olympic sports seem sort of natural, like swimming or soccer, and were just used to others, like volleyball or the decathlon and even water polo. But the International Olympic Committees getting a little carried away with sports like synchronized diving. (If you havent seen synchronized diving and it was on primetime this week two divers jump at the same time and try to match each others flips and twists and double axels and triple lindies and quadruple salchows and whatnot.) Isnt one person diving at a time thrilling enough? And whats to stop the Olympics from three-, four- and five-person synchronized diving? OK, so some spin-offs are cool, like beach volleyball, but can it be long until theres synchronized beach volleyball, where two games are played side by side and the players try to match one anothers every move?What about synchronized marathons or synchronized opening ceremonies? And what if this madness for synchronization spreads from the Olympics into everyday life? Synchronized accounting? Synchronized chimney-sweeping? Synchronized elephant-grooming? OK, wed probably watch the last one.We feel its our job to alert you readers to the coming synchronization nightmare, when some shadowy, impenetrable World Synchronization Council (sponsored by Halliburton and the government of Myanmar) issues each one of us a synchronization sidekick that mimics everything we do throughout the day or will we be the ones doing the mimicking?

Memorial service for longtime Eagle County resident, Bernard D. Schlegel, will be held at 1:00 p.m. Monday at the Eagle River Presbyterian Church in Avon. Following the service, a reception celebrating his life will be held at The Turntable, 160 Railroad, Minturn.

A black cruiser bicycle was stolen from E-Town in Edwards on Aug. 8. The owners back brace was in the bikes white wire basket. If anyone knows where it is, please bring it back to E-Town or to the Gore Range Brewery and drop it off, no questions asked.

I have video footage on file at Wal-Mart of my 8g silver iPod slipping out of my car and being picked up by a blue SUV. Please have the courtesy and good faith to return the IPod, and no questions will be asked. By the way, my posse is huge. Please return it to Wal-Mart, and there will be no confrontations.

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