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Mariah, we love you and hope you have a wonderful 10th birthday party.

Beach volleyball fan central

Hello and welcome to the Beach Volleyball Edition of Town Talk Towers. With all the talk about Michael Phelps and his 700 gold medals, we believe that what is arguably the best, most interesting and exciting event of the Beijing Olympics is being seriously overlooked.

Not to be boorish, but seriously, how can you resist a game played by athletic women in bikinis?


We’re not sure why the male beach volleyball players aren’t wearing skimpier clothing, but they are in shorts and tank tops and are pretty buff. More to the point, though, the duo of Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh is pretty amazing, since they’ve won 105 matches in a row. Sitting here in Vail, it’s fun to watch a sport that, for some reason, has never really taken off around here, being played by two pretty amazing athletes.

Even if they were wearing sweats and turtlenecks, we’d still watch. Probably.

Moving on, we should probably point out to Barack Obama that, now that John McCain has whisked through our valley and vacuumed up a million or so in campaign donations, it’s high time we see Barack mooching his way through here. As journalists, we can’t really contribute to either campaign, but if Barack popped by our office, we’d be happy to share some of our crappy coffee with him ” and we think we’ve got a couple of old T-shirts lying around here somewhere.

Oddly enough, John McCain did not pop by our office on his visit, and this after we set out a box of doughnuts to share with him. OK, they were day-olds but still pretty fresh, and we were also prepared to offer something with more fiber to the ol’ codger. Speaking of which, in the unlikely event McCain wins the election, will he be known as “Coot-in-Chief?”

So word from the weather people is that it’s supposed to get really cold and snow and hail and sleet and all kinds of unpleasant stuff. As we write on Friday morning, none of this has yet come to pass, and we can only hope such unhappy prognostications on the part of the weather watchers are simply wrong. If not, though, we suggest you ignore the weather, dress appropriately and get out there and enjoy all the fun stuff going on this weekend in the Vail Valley (or the Eagle River Valley, for you coots). It seems winter, which just left yesterday, is knocking on the door already, which ain’t fair.

Don’t let it in!

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