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Hey, whos that flying around ... its Matthew Winsor! Hes been busy in May, he turned 18 and graduated from Eagle Valley High School. Hes leaving for Phoenix to pursue his lifelong dream of motorcycle racing! We are so proud of you. May God bless you, watch over you and keep you safe. Give em hell, and remember ... never ever ever give up on your dreams, and never quit! We love you Mom, Dad, Ashley, EW and Raymond.

Sign of the TimesHowdy and welcome to Town Talk. Now if only we knew what the baby sign was for howdy and welcome to Town Talk.Baby signs, as you have no doubt heard, are THE biggest thing in baby world. Put simply, they help you communicate with your baby before your baby can talk. This is important. Just because your baby cant tell you that she doesnt want to wear that trashy looking jean skirt with a white onesie doesnt mean she wants to wear it. Anyway, we and a couple of other parent-baby trios meet up with Nicola Farrer last weekend for our first baby sign session. Nicola is a wonderful woman, in case you dont know her, who also teaches Mommy and Me yoga at the Synergy studio in Avon. Our first session went off well, and weve been signing eat more and drink at least a dozen times a day. We cant wait for our next session this weekend, where we hope to expand our signing vocabulary.

Vail Valley Soccer Club (VVSC) would like to invite all certified soccer referees to join us for an early-evening get-together! Come out on Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. to E-Town in Edwards and discover how you can help VVSC have our most successful season and Vail Valley Challenge Cup tournament.Join us Wednesday and sign up to help now! For more information, please call VVSC Executive Director Jennifer Vance at 970-845-5022.

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