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To Wubs: We have way too much fun together on a daily basis. Happy fourth anniversary! I will love you forever and ever! XOXO, Em.

Lipstick on a pig!So GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin now owns the word lipstick?So much so that we cant use it without her permission, lest we risk insulting her and women everywhere? Especially when its used in the lame old cliche, putting lipstick on a pig?Shes the one who called herself a pit bull with lipstick, and we bet shes never asked a pit bull how it would feel about being compared to a governor. And forgotten in this weeks dumbest of campaign controversies are the feelings of a critical group of heartland residents pigs.Americas pigs may not be able to vote or make contributions to campaigns, but they work hard to provide the homeland with bacon, pork rinds, bacon, non-Kosher hot dogs, bacon bits, bacon-flavored potato chips and, most importantly, bacon. Pigs have provided us with some of Americas most beloved characters: Porky, Petunia, the pigs from Animal Farm and Lord of the Flies, and Rush Limbaugh. Still, we continue to demean pigs by reminding them every time we use that heartless phrase that they are ugly, revolting creatures even when they have makeup on; that any attempts at disguising their hideousness is frivolous. Heres hoping pigs fight back. They could try the following phrase: Its like covering a politician with mud and filth. It doesnt mean quite the same thing as putting lipstick on a pig but would refer to wasting time because politicians are slimy anyway; they dont need to be covered with muck and waste.

Hi, all. Well, Yahoo still has our Web site down. I am so sorry. Anyway, Sunday will be our last Gymkhana for the summer; how sad is that? The fun starts at 2 p.m. See you Sunday at the Eagle County Fairgrounds, rain or shine. For all questions, call me at 970-376-4369. Have a great week. Please let everyone know Wendy.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who witnessed a gray Ford pickup that backed into a black BMW on Monday, Sept. 8 at approximately 3 p.m. at the Avon post office. If you would contact me at, your input would be very helpful.

Radio Free Minturn is celebrating its two-year anniversary with a bash at 8 p.m. today. Come for the live music and silent auction. A $10 donation gets you two drinks of the alcoholic variety. Come support your community radio station. Call 970-827-9079 for more information, or visit

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