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Kelsey Lynch, center, celebrated her 11th birthday at the Denver Zoo with pals Abby and Sierra. You're growing up so fast! We love you - Mom, Dad and Muddy.

Glossed Over

So the Titans of Town Talk were in the supermarket the other day and picked up the new issue of Skiing magazine.

Thumbs up to Skiing for the great article on our friends at Liberty Skis in Avon. The article declares that Dan Chalfant, Chris Sears and company are “finally arriving.” Hey, we’ve all known that for a while.

Anyway, we recommend that you pick up the latest issue and then go buy some Double Helixes (those are a Liberty model). Or is it Helices?

We were slightly perplexed, though, at the magazine’s “Resorts Awards.” While it was cool to see Vail ranked third-best overall (behind Whistler and Jackson Hole), the “best patio” award had us scratching our collective heads.

Vail’s own venerable bus-station bar and restaurant, La Cantina, got an honorable mention for best patio. We certainty agree that La Cantina should win all sorts of awards, but we’re pretty sure it doesn’t have a patio. Wait, we once ate the Cantina’s chips in the bus lane while waiting for a West Vail Green. Does that count?

The good folks at Skiing, perhaps, meant Los Amigos, that other beloved Mexican restaurant in Vail Village, which happens to have a great deck.

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