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This very night the Vail Valley Music Festival opens its 15th Anniversary Season. We remember when John Giovando strode into the Vaily Daily newsroom 15 years ago, wondering where all the publicity was for the new and amazing music festival. “What music festival?” we asked. It wasn’t the response he was looking for. So, after explaining that the violin has, indeed, expanded its horizons beyond “The Orange Blossom Special,” we launched into a Brave New World. And now, 15 years later, even though we’re still confusing the musical term Opus with the character in the defunct comic strip Bloom County, we’re awfully darned glad they’re here. The Bravo! Vail Valley Music Festival runs June 29 – August 4, 2002. It’s America’s only Festival with three resident orchestras. More than 40 internationally acclaimed soloists and chamber musicians perform at more than 60 orchestra, opera, chamber and pops concerts. It’s cool. Go early. Go often.

Jake Parker’s Memorial, July 29

Once more with feeling. Longtime local Jacob Parker died unexpectedly. The local memorial service is 6 p.m., July 29 at Eagle’s Nest, at the top of Vail Mountain. In other parts of this newspaper a couple days ago, we printed the wrong date. You don’t need to bother your pretty little heads with the bogus information. If you knew Jake, and many of us did, just be at Eagle’s at the appointed time, which is 6 p.m. July 29.

Get cleansed today

Your car is dirty. The Vail Christian High School girls basketball team wants to do something about it. They’re doing a car wash today from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., at the Avon City Market. They’re raising money to buy a new van for traveling up the road to greatness, and also to take them to games. Go there. Get cleansed inside and out.

Humane Society Humanity

The Goddess Char Newman called, which is always a good time, to tell the world that when the electricity went out in Eagle a couple times, it wiped Char’s messages off her digital answering machine. If you didn’t get a call back from the Humane Society, try her again. She’s not blowing you off, she’s a victim of a digital dilemma.

And in the course of the conversation we learned that hearts will be broken and dreams will be dashed all over the Western Hemisphere. Char’s getting married to the Extremely Fortunate Brandon Quinn, who works for one of the vets. They met in the line of duty, and the nuptials are scheduled for July 19. We don’t know Brandon, but we know Char. We doubt that he’s good enough for her, but she says he is.

Sunday services in the park

Eagle Valley Community Church is holding its Sunday service in the Eagle Town Park, 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. Bring your lawn chairs abd blankets. It’s all part of Eagle Flight Days. Call 328-5051 for more info.

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