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Enjoy a free guided tour of Vail’s public art collection with the town’s Art in Public Places coordinator, Wed., Feb 3 at 3:30pm. Meet at the Vail Village Information Center. The first stop is the Colorado Ski Museum where participants learn about the 10th Mountain Division and the history of skiing in Vail. The tour then winds it way through the Village with discussions of master planning and the importance of site specific commissioned art in creating the charm of the village. The town’s public art collection includes over 37 works ranging from sculptures, murals, playground components and site-integrated art such as the word puzzles, and rebuses on Vail's Wall Street.

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David Crambell called Town Talk on Tuesday with the following message:

“Thank you to people all over the valley. My wife’s cat ran away Dec. 22. He is not only irreplaceable because of his sentimental value, but he’s also a very unique cat and very hard to replace – he’s a flame point Siamese.

“We have received calls the entire 42 days from people seeing the cat and not being able to catch him, or there was a point when there was a lost-and-found ad in the paper for a very unique, white cat, and people who didn’t even know the people who had the cat or us called us to let us know that there was an ad that might possibly be our cat in the paper.

“Then, finally this morning, somebody called and let us know that our cat was indeed in his building, and my wife ran over with me, and we were able to get him.

“I would just honestly like to say ‘thank you.’ This is the second time he’s run away and the second time that someone has called us and helped us find our cat, and it’s been really awesome. I’ve lived here for five years now, and I’ve never once had a moment where I thought that this was not a great place and the people were not incredibly great people. We just wanted to really reiterate that. Everything has been nameless and faceless through the phone calls, but people have really been helpful.”

Pee-Wee Cheerleading Camp with the Battle Mountain High School cheerleaders for kindergarten through eighth grade is from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. The camp will be performing at the BMHS basketball game during halftime on Feb. 13. The game starts at 5:30 p.m., and Pee-Wee cheerleaders need to arrive no later that 5:30. $50 will include camp, lunch and a T-shirt. Contact Cassie Harrelson to register at or 205-792-7977.

I spy with my little eye something safe and cool to ride in. Coming Feb. 12.

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