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Special to the DailyHappy birthday, Jennifer. You're the best wife and mother ever. We love you, Mark and Zachary.

Little somethin’ for Josh

We were doin’ the usual, chillin’ and eatin’ after a cold day of boardin’ when we heard about you, Josh.-I though-I was gonna puke (haven’t yet but-I wouldn’t be surprised if-I did.) When we used to see you up boardin’ (from the chairlift) someone would say, “There’s Josh” and-everyone would turn and watch you till you were out of sight. We would hang out at the park just to watch you-pull-the mad-things you were famous for. We’d cheer till we couldn’t talk anymore at the-Sessions, because you represented us. You were our local-pro, our hero, our inspiration. Every trick-we do from now on will be for-you, Josh. You will always remain in the hearts of boarders here and around the world. Thanks for giving the mountains life. We-all love you for that.

– Karlie Cummins

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