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Randy Wyrick and his loyal fans

However, there seems to be one annual shortfall. Never, in the grand history of this incredible event, has anyone ever entered the homemade beer contest.My fellow citizens, this will never do.We understand you’re busy, and that democracy and beer were both invented by the Greeks – people with a bunch of time on their hands – but SOMEONE needs to take a few moments of their valuable time and make some beer for the county fair.They also have the regular stuff – foods and cookies and clothes and cakes, which are all wonderful – but it’s vital to the America’s Future that we get to sample some beer for this year’s fair.To enter stuff in this year’s fair, you need to call the beautiful and talented Glenda Wentworth. Call her at 328-8630. Glenda, it should be pointed out, does not drink beer. That’s why, as a humanitarian gesture, the Titans of Town Talk have offered to drink her share.Thank you for your supportDear Seven, Mic, Felix, Vickie, Tracey, Moonie, Kellita, Scott, Mike D., Doug, Di, Nina, Kacy at Click Hair, Mattie, Hec-T, Kacy, Lynn, Wojak, Beef, Megan, Bob, Kevin, Kermit the Curt, Bum, Julie K. and Family, Lisa, Uncle, Donovan, Hari, Eric, Dr. Wignall, Dr. Kavocevich, Dr. Bentenhousen, Dr. Roth, Haalen, Carmie, P. Train, Steadman Crew, all my great clients, George McNeil, FOVG crew, the nice cashier at City Market who wears a hat, Prestige Cleaners, Cindy at Cedars, Carrie and Crew at Avon Liquors, Rob and Crew at APR, Sign On Crew, Freddie, Johnny Mac, Woody, MB, Andy, Leigh, Justin, Lisa, Michael, and anyone else I have forgotten. Thank you so much for the past 10 years! You have all touched me deeply and you will be missed dearly. Do you think running a marathon, getting married, quitting my job of six years and moving is a bit much for one month? Thank you again for all of your love and support over the years.Chamber of charmsThe Vail Valley Music Festival’s celebrated Chamber Music Series begins at 6 p.m. tonight at the Vilar Center for the Arts in Beaver Creek. As you might recall, the entire Bravo! music series was begin as a chamber music festival, lo those many years ago. Go there. Get culture.Get GrieseOur spies, who are everywhere, saw Denver Broncos quarterback Brian Griese at The State Bridge Lodge, surrounded by fly fishing guides instead of Bronco cheerleaders, which can be a pretty good trade in certain cases. We’re told he had Real Guy food, burgers, washed down with multiple carbonated beverages.Brilliance among usIt says here that we have above-average people running around here. Among them:n Michael Floyd of Vail made the Dean’s List at Western State College in Gunnison. Michael is a recreation major, which is what he’s studying, not what he does. If that’s all he was about, he wouldn’t be making the Dean’s Listn Cathryn Bruen was selected for Mortar Board, a national honor society recognizing students for outstanding achievement in scholarship, leadership and service. Bruen’s from Vail and attends the University of San Diego, where she majors in International Relations and Spanish.Birthday girlPrincess P called to remind the universe that if you see Liz Patterson around Mi Pueblo in Eagle, wish her a happy belated birthday.BCCT presents Children’s Theatre WorkshopsThe Beaver Creek Children’s Theatre is running this year’s Children’s Theatre Workshops. The workshops are directed by Brian Hall, and include instruction in all areas of theatrical production. Kids can explore their creativity, learn about theatre. All participants will take part in a live performance with members of the Beaver Creek Children’s Theatre. The workshops will take place in Beaver Creek. The workshops are recommended for children ages 5 through 12 and cost $125 per child. Call Blue Creek Productions at 970-926-5855.

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