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Randy WyrickAssistant Managing Editor
Happy 14th, Zac Layman! Go big! Congrats on all your achievements this spring. Love, Mom, Dad and Nicole.

The ever-ascending Senate campaignOur hopes soared like Icarus flying toward the sun when we learned from our GOP buddies that all we must do to make Randy The Titans of Town Talk Wyrick an official Senate candidate is fill out a bunch of paperwork, which we can do online, at the Federal Election Commission Web site.We love this country. We also love technology.We can run a Senate campaign without our bohiney ever leaving the Barcalounger sort of like watching Roller Derby, whose fans comprise most of our support base.Of course, it was pointed out to us that one must pass a course and a test to hunt in this state. One must also pass a course and a test to be a scuba diver.The upshot is that the only requirements to be a United States senator is that you be a college educated, middle aged guy with fantastic hair, which pretty much explains everyone except Hillary Clinton, who needs no explanation, but does require this anecdote.Once upon a time early in Bill Clintons administration, Bill, Hillary and Chelsea came to Vail to vacation with Jerry Ford. They used to live in the same house as the Fords, out on the East Coast. Youre probably familiar with it.This was back in the days when Bill was still wailing on the sax. During a dinner/dance, Bill was sitting in with the band. Hillary was left relatively unattended, unless you count the 17 zillion Secret Service guys keeping an eye peeled for subversive types like me.So, even though the Titans of Town Talk dont dance exactly like Fred Astaire, we strode confidently up to first lady Hillary and eschewed questions about the affairs of state, asking instead, Would you like to dance?Well never forget her elegant, smiling response: No, thank you.We did, however, get her autograph, which makes us the only card-carrying Republican with a surviving Hillary autograph.With such staunch bipartisan support for our Senate bid, how can we possibly lose?Remember, If It Has Torque, Recoil, Compression, Makes a Big Bang or Shoots a Big Bullet, Its Cool and America Needs More Of It.Hey, its a big country. Someone has to run it.Wyrick For Senate: Why Not?Gifted achievementThe Gifted Education Teams spring speaker series continues Thursday when Christine Price speaks on “Addressing the Social and Emotional needs of the Gifted: Reversing Underachievement.” Shell tell us about the factors that contribute to underachievement in high ability students, and answer questions about how television makes you stupid. Shell also provide practical approaches and real solutions for teachers and parents of these “at risk” students. Its 6:308 p.m. at the Inn at Riverwalk conference hall in Edwards.Call Anne at 926-0723, or Bambi at 926-3604.Free dinnerThe kind folks at Eagle River Presbyterian Church are hosting a free community dinner, 6 p.m. every Wednesday, including Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. Theyre at 455 Nottingham Ranch Road. Go to the new roundabout on Highway 6, turn toward Wal-Mart, and Nottingham Ranch Road is on your right just past the roundabout. The church is at the end of the road. If you get lost, just listen for the sound of happy, laughing, well-fed people.Easter egg huntOn Easter, we celebrate a bunch of stuff, including locating enormous amounts of candy. Theres just such an event at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, at the ice rink in Beaver Creek. Its free.

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