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Randy Wyrick, and The Bipartisan Boogie Band
Special to the DailyZoya Petrovska is a 6 years old today. It's a good day to be 6.

The bi-partisan support just keeps rolling in.

Just yesterday, we explained to This Spiral Arm of the Universe the kind of unqualified support we enjoy from Sen. Hillary Clinton for Randy “The Titans of Town Talk” Wyrick’s senate campaign. OK, actually she smiled while politely declining our request to dance, but we got her autograph and that’s obviously a solid political endorsement.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Rep. Mark Udall, a Boulder Democrat, will be coming through town this afternoon ” ostensibly to board the bandwagon: “Wyrick For Senate: Why Not?”

As some of you may recall, Udall stepped gingerly into the senate race, then eased back out about the next day when Ken Salazar hoisted the Democrats’ banner.

A senate race, my fellow Americans, is not the Hokey Pokey. A candidate does not put one foot in and one foot out. One puts one’s whole self in, and doesn’t take one’s whole self out.

Udall is apparently so impressed by the steadfastness of our senate campaign, and the dedication of our crack campaign staff, that he’s ascending to Town Talk Towers to personally embrace our political philosophy of the Torque and Recoil Campaign: “If It Has Torque, Recoil, Compression, Makes a Big Bang or Shoots a Big Bullet It’s Cool and American Needs More Of It.”

Wyrick is, technically, a Republican, and that’s a big step for a People’s Republic of Boulder boy, and we appreciate it. It takes a big man, like Our Buddy Mark Udall, to admit that our custom made cowboy boots are cooler than his custom made cowboy boots, but that’s just the kind of big-hearted guy he is.

The Gifted Education Team’s spring speaker series continues today

when Christine Price speaks on “Addressing the Social and Emotional needs of the Gifted: Reversing Underachievement.” She will address the social, emotional, mental, physical, family and spiritual factors that contribute to underachievement in high ability students, and will provide practical approaches and real solutions for teachers and parents of these “at risk” students. It’s 6:30-8 p.m. at the Inn at Riverwalk conference hall in Edwards.

Call Anne at 926-0723 or Bambi at 926-3604.

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