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Susie Davis called to proclaim the glories of the students at Red Canyon High School. They’ve started a business called The SPOT, a popcorn wagon next door to Gore Range Brewery in Edwards Village Center. Buy some popcorn, a sno-kone or assorted other goodies. This entrepreneurial internship program is sponsored by The Youth Foundation, through a grant from United Way of Eagle River Valley. For more information about The Youth Foundation, call 970-926-8905.Ashtanga Yoga WorkshopJeanie Manchester is running a progressive step toward learning the fundamentals of Ashtanga Yoga, and how to link the breath to the flow of traditional Ashtanga sequences. It’s Friday through Sunday, August 2-4, at the Yoga for Athletes Fitness Studio in the Crossroads Shopping Center in Vail. For more information please call us at 479-2929. It costs $40 per 2 hour session, $45 per two and a half hour session, or $150 for the entire workshop.Martial arts classes in EagleIt says here that mistaking combative sports for martial arts is something you or your child might be sorry for someday. Empowering, educational martial arts and self defense classes meet Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for adults and children at Alpine Gymnastics. Call 328-0404.Triathlon trainingJoin Dan “Endurance R Us” Timm on Tuesday nights August 6 through August 27, from 5:30 – 7 p.m. for triathlon training. The class is geared toward athletes interested in completing their first triathlon or participating in the Avon High Country Triathlon on September 8th. Sessions will cover swim stroke development, bike handling, running technique and the crucial transition area. Nutrition and training principles will also be discussed. Cost is $50 per person. Call the Avon Recreation Center at 748-4060, 748-8293 or visit our Vail Performing Arts Academy has begun rehearsal with an all star local cast of talented students for their upcoming musical production The Music Man, Jr. to be presented at the Vilar Center on August 9 & 10. Tickets are $11 and are on sale now. Call 845-TIXS!By Dennis Miller…Much has been said and written about this, but nobody can quite put aninsightful and ascerbic spin on it like Dennis Miller. Check this out:Isn’t it great we live in a country where a federal appeals court candeclare the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional because the words “underGod” are a violation of separation of church and state? Well, you knowsomething, your honors: following that logic, wouldn’t the fact that youwere sworn in with your hand on a Bible render you unemployed? Or maybe we should respond by withholding your obviously unconstitutional “In God wetrust” paychecks, huh? Or why don’t we just change the phrase to “Onenation under a crushing blanket of overly sensitive political correctness?”If you haven’t heard, Michael Newdow, a 49-year old atheist, created a mediasensation this week after bringing a lawsuit on behalf of his 8-year olddaughter. Well, Mikey, you did a great job of protecting your kid, didn’tya? Put her in the middle of this jingoistic maelstrom. Yeah, you are thedad of the year. Why don’t you pick your trophy up when it’s safe to comeout of hiding? By the way, to all the people out there making death threatsagainst this man and his daughter: if God had wanted you to kill in Hisname, you’d be living in the Middle East, not the Midwest. Well, anyway,it’s good to know that all children are now guaranteed the right to comeinto their classroom in the morning and burn the flag, as long as they don’tsalute it. You know folks, I haven’t quite figured out the math on this oneyet, but I think the aggrieved minority in this culture now is the majority.And, by the way, to the two judges who authored this fiasco: instead ofchurch and state, maybe you should be worried about the separation of yourhead and your butt.Eagle County Sponsors Free First Time Homebuyer ClassFuture homebuyers will have an opportunity Thursday, Aug. 8, to learn “everything you always wanted to know about home ownership” at a free First Time Homebuyer Class.Class topics will include budgeting, credit, selecting the right home, inspections, how to get assistance, money, financing options and closing.The class will be held from 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. in the Eagle County Library. Spanish translation will be available.The program is sponsored by Eagle County with the assistance of the Colorado Housing Assistance Corporation. Snacks and refreshments provided by Tiger Home Inspections Space is limited and all interested participants must sign up in advance by calling 328-8770.

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