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Happy 32th birthday Alexander and Bonne Fete. Wishing you a lot a lot of big and fun catch!!! Bisous, My. Alexander's birthday was Thursday, but the fun continues.

Howdy and welcome to Town Talk, the column that’s acquiring the proper perspective on the aging process:A college student challenged a senior citizen saying it was impossible for their generation to understand his. “You grew up in a different world,” the student said. “Today we have television, jet planes, space travel, nuclear energy, computers …”Taking advantage of a pause in the student’s litany, the geezer said, “You’re right. We didn’t have those things when we were young; so we invented them!”Let’s see those icy hands

Vail’s ice bubble could be deflated for good if the town and the VRD don’t get enough support for it to make economic sense. So, the Valley Wide Ice Coalition is looking for ice users willing to commit to purchase ice time for the upcoming season. On Aug. 3 they need a show of hands from ice-using groups who will commit to help. Just make sure each of those hands has a check in it. Call Erv at 479-2271, Kristena at 904-1029 or Laine at 390-1504.’94 4-EverThe Battle Mountain High School Class of ’94 is hosting a reunion the weekend of Sept. 17-19. They needs phone numbers and email addresses for classmates. Call TJ Ricci at 303-601-9455.Brilliance among us

• Kyle Madison of Edwards ascended to the Dean’s List at the University of Washington. Dean David Hodges heaps praise upon young Kyle when he says, “Your accomplishment is a reflection of both your own achievement and your contribution to the university.” Go Kyle!• John Steffens of Avon made the Dean’s List of the Logan College of Chiropractic. At Logan, John is working on a curriculum of basic and clinical diagnostic sciences, chriopractic science and patient care. You’re in good hands with John.• Eli J. Loper graduated Babson College with a degree in business administration. Basically, he’s qualified to run Vail Resorts, no matter who owns it.• Kimberly F. Brodin and Heather D. Kroschel hit the Dean’s List at Valparaiso University, which hardly no one does.Brodin graduated Battle Mountain High School, and graduated from Valpo in May. She’s the beloved offspring of George and Linda Brodin.

Kroschel graduated Vail Christian High School in 2003. She’s a sophomore theology major, and is the beloved offspring of Robin Sifers.• Patrick Meehan earned his Bachelors Degree in History from Xavier University in Cincinnati, where he raised the curve a bunch. While he was there, he made the Dean’s List in his final semester.You’re smarter than thisAfter Michael Hatfield, 54, of Lee’s Summit, Mo., dropped his keys in a lake, he decided to go get them, even though the water was 30 feet deep. Using a garden hose for a snorkel, he tied a 20-pound boat anchor to his waist and dove in. Hatfield couldn’t find the keys since he didn’t have goggles, so he tried again. On the second attempt, he lost his grip on the garden hose and a friend, sensing trouble, hauled him to the surface with a rope. By then Hatfield was not breathing, but by the time the Missouri State Water Patrol rescue squad arrived he was conscious and refused assistance. Hatfield says he wasn’t thinking about the risks when he hatched his recovery plan.

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