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Randy Wyrick

The Eagle Valley Community Fund Auction and Rummage Sale at Minturn’s Maloit Park is set for Sat. and Sun., Aug. 17-18 and Aug. 24-45. Doors open the first day, Sat. Aug. 17 at 6:45 a.m., with the auction beginning at 8 a.m. There will be a bake sale and silent auction the first day, with lunch served the first weekend. All profits help support more than 60 local non-profit groups.

Help the lady find her seat

Mary Jo Allen was positively aglow after Saturday’s dance performance at the Ford Amphitheater. In fact, she was so swept away that she left her black Battle Mountain Huskies stadium cushion behind. She’d really like it back. She logged a bunch of time on that thing, watching her kids play Battle Mountain sports and dance programs, so it has mountains of sentimental value. If you know where it is, or know know who does, call her at 476-5894.

Looking for legends

Vail is approaching that special age of which it can be accurately said, “The older I get, the better I was.” In honor of that 40th birthday, the Vail Daily is collecting legends, tales, anecdotes, stories that could be true and stories that would be great if they were. Besides the standard history, we’re looking for stuff that combines firearms and libations. They don’t even have to be yours; you can just point us toward someone whose story should be made famous, or infamous. Call us at Town Talk Towers, 949-0555, ext. 615, or e-mail us at

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Scotts rule the links

Blake and Mariah Scott took an oversized driver upside the head of their competition at Cotton Ranch’s recent young folks’ tournament. They had 32 players on 16 two-person teams who enjoyed one of the best uses of real estate ever conceived on God’s Green Earth – golf. Mariah and Blake rolled to a 36, topping Maddie Garton and Billy Iverson, and Dan Sample and Kyle Lottman. Both those teams logged a 40, but Dan and Kyle took second in a scorecard playoff. It’s a beautiful thing to see young people working at something that completely ignores the presence of Empty-V. If you see Cotton Ranch Head Pro Chris Woolery, give him a big High Five for his dedication to America’s Youth, then buy something really expensive in the pro shop.

Brilliance among us

n Once again, Jordan P. Chase made the Dean’s List at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine. To pull that off, Jordan had to maintain a GPA somewhere in the ionosphere. You’ll be glad to know that Jordan is a sophomore American cultural studies major, which is NOT one of those major where they get to sit around and evaluate rock ‘n’ roll records (“I’ll give it a 95. Barry Manilow’s Mandy’s got a good beat. You can dance to it.”) Jordan’s a member of men’s hockey team, is a 2000 Vail Mountain School grad, and is the beloved offspring of Linda Chase.

Birthday Brigade

n If you see Tommy Harrison out and about in Edwards, or cooking about somewhere in town, wish the man a very happy birthday. A drink or shot

would probably be suffice if you do see him

n Kevin Nyland is the man of the hour today. Wish him a very happy birthday. Princess P called to say he’s in his extremely late teens.

Uprooted Tour 2002

You, yes you, can be part of the Uprooted Tour 2002 at the Ford Amphitheater August 24. The show features 75-minute sets from Great Big Sea, Dewars-sponsored rock idols Seven Nations and a 90-minute encore set from Vail favorites the Young Dubliners. Tickets are available at all area outlets, or by calling 476-2918.

Painting Workshops

Joan Norris is teaching a series of painting workshops at 4 Eagle Ranch, in conjunction with 4 Eagle Ranch’s summer art workshops. The last one is August 7, 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. It’s $60 per class, which includes lunch off the grill. Call 926-3372 for more info.

BMHS ’82, we’re looking for you

If you’re a 1982 BMHS grad and would like to get together on Saturday, August 31 for a barbecue, please call Dorothy Jaramillo, 524-7550, Yvonne Salazar at 827-5969, or Doug Skele at 480-235-4853. If you know a graduate living out of town and can notify them, please do it.

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