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Randy Wyrick
Special to the Daily"Blue," our 4-year-old Husky, is missing and a certain little boy really misses him. If you see him, please call 390-7305 or 376-6990.

Welcome to the danceMaelyn Rae is new to this world, born Oct. 4. Shes the beloved offspring of Brian Hutchinson and Jennifer Cockerell of Eagle, and the new baby sister to Emma. Grandparental units are Cindy and Gary Cockrell of Grand Junction and Louise Hutchinson of Erie, Penn.A bunch of local luminaries graduated Johnson & Wales University. Jason Brgoch of Avon received an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts from the College of Culinary Arts. Alma Pinela of Avon received an Associates Degree in Business Administration from the College of Business. Patrick Nottingham of Edwards received an Associates Degree in Food and Beverage Management from the Hospitality College. David Nottingham of Edwards received an Associates Degree in Hotel Management from the Hospitality College.Your tax dollars at workThe Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW), unearthed this little gem: Rep. John Peterson (R-Pa.) and the groundhog Punxsutawney Phil are the December Co-Porkers of the Month for jointly defending a $100,000 federal grant for the Punxsutawney Weather Discovery Center, part of the budget-busting 2005 omnibus bill passed by our spineless elected represented. Judging from the storm of media attention, Phil woke from his winter slumber, because he traveled all the way from Punxsutawney to Washington, D.C., to defend the project alongside Rep. Peterson and AccuWeather CEO Barry Myers at a press conference today on Capitol Hill. Apparently on the real Groundhog Day, instead of waking up and seeing his shadow, he will see 10 more years of federal deficits. Great, thats all Washington needs another rodent.Oh shuttupThis comes to us from a news story printed in the Portland Oregonian. According to an argument by attorney Randall Vogt, slave owners beat their slaves. Therefore, says Vogt, it’s “justified” for black men to beat their sons. Vogts client is Isaac Cortez Bynum, who allegedly beat his 2-year-old son to death and was on trial for murder. A sociology professor invented “post traumatic slave syndrome,” which Vogt used as the keystone of his defense case. It goes like this: An autopsy showed the boy suffered brain injury, a broken neck, broken ribs, and whip marks. When shown the boy’s autopsy photos, the whiney, crybaby, blame-shfting professor said inflicting such injuries is normal for descendants of slaves. We say someone should pound the professors paradigm, shifting this from the academic to the actual.Vail Colorado

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