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Special to the DailyDirect from Sweden to thee Vail Valley! Happy 17thh birthday, Alex Ander, from your American family!

The Western Eagle County Metropolitan Recreation District may have an awkward name, but the folks there do some great work.The latest good thing is a Feb. 5 fund-raiser at the ice rink in Eagle, with all proceeds going to the American Red Cross and its efforts to help the victims of the Dec. 26 tsunami in Southeast Asia.The event is pretty simple: Go to the Eagle rink, spend $10 for two hours of open skating, including skate rental, have some fun, and know that all the money is going to the American Red Cross. This event is a part of the county-wide “Superbowl of Caring…Turn the Tide” that oodles and scads of local businesses have been participating in.For more information, call the ice rink in Eagle, 328-5277.

Jeff Roth, one of the valleys best-known chiropractors, recently returned from the U.S. Figure Skating Championships, where he was part of the Sports Science Team.Roth worked with a team of orthopedic doctors, psychiatrists, physical therapists, trainers, acupunturists and other chiropractors.Besides treating injuries, the team also spent time with the athletes to improve their performance using, among other things, Active Release Technique, one of Roths specialities.Roth has a long history of helping athletes, and at one time worked with the pro rodeo tour. The guess here is that working with figure skaters will keep a guys shoes a lot cleaner.

Call it smart singing.Harvard Colleges Din & Tonics, a fine a capella vocal group, will perform at the Sonnenalp Resort of Vail Wednesday, Jan. 26 through Monday, Jan 31. The group performs everything from jazz classics to gospel and calypso music delivered with humorous choreography. Best of all, the shows at the Sonnenalps Kings Club and Ludwigs restaurant are free, or, as a Harvard man would say, gratis, unless hes a law student, in which case it would be pro bono. Founded in l979, the Din & Tonics grew out of an all-male a cappella group founded in Harvard during the 1940s. Today, they perform nearly l50 concerts a year around the world. Reservations are not required for the Kings Club performances. For show times and dinner reservations to Ludwigs, call the Sonnenalp Resort concierge at 479-5429. The Din & Tonics will also perform a free concert for students at Vail Mountain School at 10:00 am Friday, January 28. A free concert is scheduled for Friday, Jan. 28 at 6:30 p.m. in Vail Mountain Schools new auditorium. The concert is free, but donations to the Din & Tonics are appreciated. Bills with zeros in them are always gratefully accepted.

Jennifer Sage wants to turn sweat into cash. The big push comes Saturday, Feb. 5.Sage, who manages the spinning classes at the Aria Spa & Club at Cascade Village, has put together “Ride the Wave!” a three-hour spinning class to raise money for tsunami relief efforts. In the process, she might just be putting together the biggest spinning/cycling class the valley’s ever seen.”We want to get 100 cycles,” Sage said. To do that, the Vail Athletic Club, the Arrowhead Club and the Homestead Court Club are all donating bikes, which will be stashed in the gym at the Aria.To participate, riders must round up $100 in pledges. Those who collect $250 or more will be eligible for fabulous prizes including dinners, massages and bike tunes. Two grand prizes – a new spin bike and $1,000 worth of concierge fees for a self-guided European bike tour – will be awarded to the people who raise the most money.There’s no overhead with this one, so every penny goes to relief efforts. In this case, the money goes to local Rotary Clubs in Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Thailand.To learn more about turning sweat into cash, call Sage at the Aria club, 476-7400.

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