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Special to the DailyLove you so much. Happy birthday, Carter.

The following just goes to show that foot-in-mouth disease can start early.

A local six-year-old was in the tub the other day. Right after her mom provided the usual bathing instructions ” make sure to use soap and shampoo ” a quiet voice came from the tub:

“Shut your pie hole.”

Mom’s eyebrows elevated about halfway up her head, then she said.

“What was that?”


“Were you talking to your mother?” her dad rumbled.

The youngster immediately said “no!”

Then, she said, “Did I say that out loud? Well, I sure won’t do that when I’m a teenager.”

Yes, honey, you will.

If you’ve been waiting until the last minute to buy tickets to author-columnist-good guy Mitch Albom’s speech, you waited too long.

Albom, prize winning sports columnist for the Detroit Free Press and the best-selling author of “Tuesday’s with Morrie” and “The Five People You Meet in Heaven,” speaks tonight at the Marriott in Vail. And all the tickets are gone.

The presentation, sponsored by the Vail Symposium and the Vail Valley Medical Center Foundation, is a fund-raiser for the medical center’s Women’s Cancer Coalition.

So the good news is, the event is a smashing success. The bad news is, they should have booked a bigger room. Who knew?

You may recall Sunday’s story about a local family with a sick son in Germany. Here’s the latest.

Paul Luviano Jr., the son of Paul and Tammy Luviano of Dotsero, is in the Army, stationed in Germany. He was recently diagnosed with leukemia, and recently came down with pneumonia.

The Salvation Army and the local Veterans of Foreign Wars chapter are helping get the rest of the family to German to be with their son.

The latest, courtesy of VFW chapter president Buddy Sims, is that Paul Jr. has just started chemotherapy in Germany and continues to be treated for pneumonia. That means he’ll be in Germany for at least the next 30 days.

Paul Sr. and his oldest daughter, Bianca, are already in Germany.

The VFW and Salvation Army are trying to get the rest of the family to Germany and help cover their day-to-day obligations while they’re gone.

To help, call 926-3704.

Join your neighbors for Intro to Anusara Yoga. Eight- week session begins Feb. 8 at 8 a.m. in the Council Chambers at the Minturn Town Hall. For information, call Linda Osterberg at 376-2245.

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