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Unity of the Mountains, a local congregation, is helping celebrate the 11th Annual Random Acts of Kindness Week.

The week springs from the belief that by encouraging and inspiring people to bring more kindness into the world through their words and actions, they can profoundly affect the way people treat each other and ultimately make this world a kinder place. Random Acts of Kindness Week, which runs through Feb. 20, is being celebrated by members of Unity of the Mountains, who believe world and national events make the need for kindness that much greater.

It is natural to wonder how an act of kindness can wield any real power.

Molly Stuart, president of the national Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, said, “Even in our suffering, aloneness is chased back by someone reaching out with a gift of kindness ” a visit, a meal, a briefly held hand. And our own reaching out, from our own darkness, is the first unfurling of the bud of hope that gives us the opportunity to regain our power to go on into the future. So whether you want a declaration of war to pursue these terrorists, or you dream about the end of the battles, say hello to someone on the street, offer to help someone who you see needs a hand. There is room for kindness even in the face of the most random and incomprehensible violence.”

Unity School of Christianity, of which Unity of the Mountains is a part, celebrates its eleventh anniversary in support of Random Acts of Kindness Week. This week, Unity of the Mountains members will be practicing acts of kindness daily. On Sunday, Feb. 20, they will gather for their weekly service at 5:30 p.m. at the Avon Public Library, to share experiences of the week and a pot luck dinner.

Unity of the Mountains is embracing this opportunity to share love and understanding with each other and the world. For more information about the local congregation, call Don Bissett, 970-390-7377

For more information, about the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, go to Information on the world kindness movement can be found at

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