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Special to the DailyI just can't believe an entire year has passed by,

‘I wonder if that works?’

That’s a common question we consumers have when slapped upside the head with an ad for the Next New Thing.

Most of the time, we wait, hoping someone will buy said New Thing and then tell us how it works.

Well, the Titans are nothing if not helpful, so we have a couple of New (or at least Sort of New) Things we’ve tried.

First is the new mosquito repellent lanterns from the folks at Off! (we love it when brands include exclamation points in their names, since

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Serious Journalists are supposed to use those little sticks of excitement sparingly, if at all).

Bought despite the mild scoffing of Mrs. Titan, the lanterns use a little candle to heat a pad, which then emits fumes that are claimed to keep away mosquitos from an area 15 feet square.

The lantern performed as advertised on a recent camping trip to Cobbett Lake campground atop the Grand Mesa. At the moment, the mesa is simply choked with mosquitos. If those lanterns work there, they’ll work anywhere. We didn’t stay up late enough to verify the claim the replaceable pads will work for four hours, but the effect lasted for almost three hours before bedtime.

Less successful was Mrs. Titan’s coupon-driven purchase of a four-bladed razor. Mr. Titan’s whiskers seem to respond better to being whacked with a now old-fashioned three-bladed razor. The three-bladed disposables from Gillette seem to work best on his face.

So there you go, one thumb up and another one down in a utterly unscientific sample of one.

Now we just need to find somebody stupid/brave enough to try that stuff that enables the family car to run for an afternoon without oil. Or one of those silly gas mileage boosters.

If you have news about a New Thing, e-mail Please, no frauds or deceptions. Our feelings would be hurt.

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