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Special to the DailyHappy belated 5th birthday to Lauren "Nema" Reid from all the people on planet Earth who love her so so much! Your auntie, Sandi.

Team Matus would like to welcome Cashel-Rayne to skiers paradise

Lance-Ryan Matus

Elijah Blaze Morales you are already 1 year old. My, my, how time flies. We love you, Babito! Happy belated birthday! Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa.

Neal, A.J. and Eyon.

Just look at you!!–What river people you are! This picture-reminds us of-all the fun times we-had together-during your summer visit to Vail (and thanks for playing a major part-in-our big June event!)—We loved having you here and look forward to your returning next year! We love you! Grandpa Bill and Billie

Brady Coffey FINALLY turned 16 yesterday!! She and her brother Jordan will be enjoying an extended birthday celebration with friends and

family. She might even get to drive!!

We love you!!!!

Mom and Dad.

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